Northern Lights Challenge
A Stoa Qualifying Tournament

Debate Events Offered: Parliamentary Debate, Team Policy Debate and Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Lincoln Douglas Competitors will debate the 2020 resolution:
Resolved: Culture ought to value assimilation over multiculturalism.

Please review the updated Lincoln Douglas Value Debate rules and bring a copy with you.

Team Policy will debate 2020 Resolution:
Resolved: The United States Federal Government should substantially reform its banking, finance, and/or monetary policy.
Please review the updated Team Policy Debate rules and bring a copy with you.

Speech Events Offered: Apologetics, Dramatic Interpretation, Duo Interpretation, Expository, Extemporaneous, Humorous Interpretation, Mars Hill, Novice Impromptu, Open Interpretation, Oratory Analysis, Original Oratory, and Persuasive. A maximum of seven events may be entered.
Please review the rules for each speech event here:

Patterns: Each speech round will be divided into two patterns. We will post the patterns on the website after registration closes. You will be expected to be in attendance during both patterns and during the outrounds for the duration of the tournament.

Apologetics and Mars Hill: For the list of the Apologetics and Mars Hill questions for the 2019-2020 year, see the Stoa website at:

Expository: Information will be given at check-in regarding the location to store the materials for this event.

Electronic Script Submissions: Students must submit scripts in advance. Scripts must be in pdf format. (When saving your script, simply choose pdf format). Please submit your script by Sunday, January 26 at 10 PM. You will receive a confirmation email when your script is officially accepted. If you have any questions or concerns about preparing for your script submission, please speak with your coach or club director.

Time limits: No time signals are given for platform or interpretive speeches. Please check the maximum time limit for your event (available at ) and cut your speech accordingly.

Tabulation: The tournament will be following the recommended Stoa Tabulation suggestions posted on the Stoa USA website.

Wait lists: Slots will be filled in the order completed entries are received. When the slots in any particular event have filled, you will be notified of being put on a wait list. Continue to prepare your wait-listed event, and if a slot opens up, we will attempt to give you notice within 24 to 48 hours (or sooner) before the start of the tournament.