1. God is omnipotent: God is all powerful.

2. God is omnipresent: God is everywhere, all the time.

3. God is omniscient: God knows everything.

4. God is eternal: God has no beginning and no end. He is everlasting.

5. God is holy: God is pure and separated from sin.

6. God is just: God rules with fairness and power.

7. God is sovereign: God is king and in charge of everything.

8. God is immutable: God never changes.

9. God is loving: God gives of Himself to others

10. God is a trinity: One God, three persons.

11. Compare and contrast the Muslim view of God with the Christian view of God.

12. Are Christians intolerant?

13. What are unique features of Christianity that set it apart from all other religions of the world?

14. What does justification mean? Why does this matter?

15. What does propitiation mean? Why does this matter?

16. How would you respond to the common observation: “Jesus was a good man and a good teacher, but certainly not the Son of God”?

17. What does sanctification mean? Why does this matter?

18. Are all persons children of God?

19. Is karma a Biblical concept?

20. What does it mean to repent from one's sins? Why does this matter?


1. The Apologetics topic will be prepared ahead of time and must be chosen from the list on the Junior Tournament website.
2. You must prepare three speeches and a different speech given for each round.
3. For the topic you choose, you will be expected to define and explain the attribute of God in terms you can understand and its importance to yourself.
4. You may use 4 x 6 cards during your speech.
5. The timekeeper will start the timepiece when the speaker begins to speak and will end the time at the completion of the speech.
6. No visual aids or props may be used.
7. You must state your name.
8. You must state your topic somewhere near the beginning of your speech.
9. Each speech should adhere to the chosen topic, while demonstrating originality and creativity. The use of outside sources is permitted.
10. Only feet are permitted to touch the floor at any time.
11. Each speech may be a maximum of four minutes. There is no minimum time.

Speaking time limit - Four (4) minutes maximum. No minimum time.